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Jay Waller - Director 

Jay is a founding member of the label, after being apart of the music scene in Liverpool during the 90's (drummer SPEEDBALL) he brings a balance to the company and its vision. Jay is a direct contact for our bands and is a major part of the developmental process for our artists. Email:

David Wallbank - CEO

David is a successful entrepreneur with a medium sized portfolio of businesses under his belt. He is a Manchester university graduate within Marketing ad has a substantial amount of experience within the leisure industry. David is the driving force of the organisation and has set out a clear path for success and the labels future. Email:

Alan Lowrie is another hugely successful entrepreneur who has many years of experience within high level management across a wide variety of industries. Alan is major part of the companies development and focus. His ability to nurture talent and get the best out of people is a key factor to the day to day operations of the label. Email:

Alan Lowrie - Director 

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